A  label for the voice! A label dedicated entirely to presenting the human voice, featuring singers who are currently performing on international opera stages and in concert halls.

Up to the early days of the 21st century, the genre of opera remained the almost exclusive territory of major labels.

From here and now on, the new SoloVoce label will start revitalising the opera genre. From autumn 2009, SoloVoceis releasing solo artist albums and even complete operas on CD, only if and when a new release appears. Many of our productions are studio recordings – as in the case of most artist portraits – but we will also feature live recordings from several international opera houses and festivals. And SoloVoce will continue to enlarge its catalogue of exciting singers.

Please feel free to make any comments and suggestions: we hope to hear from you soon. We wish both you and us a good start, and many enjoyable “listening sessions” with the artists of SoloVoce!